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Temporary Fence Panels for Hire and for Sale - These Panels come in many forms:

 Construction Site panels  form a high security barrier 2.0m tall and are usually supplied with the exclusive Anti Trip, sloping sided concrete blocks for support. Other types of support are available also. The panels, once set up may be wired together or clamped for extra stiffness. Typical uses for these high security panels are major construction sites, house sites, deep excavation sites, electrical installations, and in fact anywhere requiring that ‘extra’ security. 

 Public Works Panels  are 1.0m high, orange ‘high visibility’ are supplied with hooks and eyes which make interlocking an easy task and usually do not require extra ‘feet’ as they support each other in most situations. However flat plate inserts are available when required. Available in 2.4m and 1.2m long panels, these panels are usually hired on a per metre per month basis. Long or short term hire is available, as well as outright purchase.

 Crowd Control Barriers  are designed to suit many applications. From sporting events, to contractors wanting to restrict public access to areas under construction. Barriers may also be used as mobile partitioning within industrial buildings, workshops, and warehousing situations. Although we list two standard sizes, barriers may be manufactured to order.

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