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Here at BMP, we’re proud to be your first choice for all things related to temporary fencing. We cater to New Zealand’s needs with a full lineup of temporary fence panels, blocks, and clamps that solve a wide range of problems. As a manufacturer you can rely on, we make sure our products are up to the AS4687-2007 standards. This means construction sites are as safe as can be.

Our Dedication to Top Quality and Safety

Since starting in 2006, BMP has earned a name for top-notch quality. Our welded and chain mesh construction fences show just that, winning over local buyers time and again. Our temporary fencing solutions shine, measuring 2100mm high and 2400mm wide, with OD32mm & OD40mm tubes and a mesh gap of 60mm*150mm.


Meeting New Zealand’s Standards

Our temporary fencing tackles tough wind and impact tests head-on. They stand strong against the tough demands of construction sites. Available in thicknesses like 1.00mm, 1.40mm, and 2.00mm, our Temp Fence Panels of 2100mmx2400mm are strong and adaptable.

Creative Solutions, Great Value BMP Temporary Construction Fence

Boss Metal, our production side, brings you a range of choices for temporary fence panels and temp fence connectors. These hit the mark on Australia and New Zealand’s quality standards but are more budget-friendly.

A Wide Selection for Various Needs

We offer a vast selection, from pre-galvanized to powder-coated temporary fencing panels in lively colors like orange and yellow. For maximum toughness, our hot-dipped galvanized temp fence panels come with at least 100 microns of zinc coating, promising long life and fighting off the elements.

More Than Just Temporary Fence

We get the big picture when it comes to construction and building sites. That’s why we offer solid wall temporary hoarding and must-have temporary pool fencing for the building phase or until you get a permanent fence up.

Make It Yours

BMP is all about making it your own. Our fence bases, whether blow molded or injection-based, fit any size hole you need. You can also brand them with your logo, company name, and contact info, all with UV protection to keep the colors bright for years.

Temporary Fencing Accessories You Can Trust

Our temp fence clamps are the best out there, designed to take on a lot of pressure and last with a full galvanization. Every piece we offer helps keep your fence strong and in place.

Let’s Connect

If you’re looking to bring temporary fencing into Auckland, Wellington, or anywhere else, BMP is here for you. With customer support available all day, every day, and a dedication to top-notch service, we’re ready to give you a free quote and show you what makes our service stand out.

BMP isn’t just about selling fences. We’re about providing safety, security, and service you can rely on.